Player vs player, or PvP is a type of multiplayer interaction within a game between two or more live participants. This is in contrast to games where players compete against computer controlled opponents, which is similarly referred to as player versus environment (PvE) or player versus monster (PvM). A PvP Player is usually weak vs mobs (weak in PvM), but strong vs players. Stats for are usually, Vs Warrior/Sin/Sura/Mage, Reduce Damage of Dagger/One-Hand Sword/Two-Hand Sword., Resistance to Arrows/Magic/Faint/Warrior/Sin/Sura/Mage and % to Faint/Poison.

Stones for PvP are usually Raid, Vita, Miss, Fresh, Rebel, Mage, Slayer and Sura.

Why be PvP ?

- To be good at Duels.

- To rock at GWs (Guild Wars) !

- To kill someone in National War :D

- To help your nation against enemies.

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