The polymorphism in metin2 allows the user to transform between different monsters in the game allowing benefits that would otherwise not be forthcoming.

How a person becomes a monster game?

It is only necessary to have a ball in the inventory of the monster in which you want to transform, once having such a ball, just give the ball to the right mouse button and immediately transform into a monster.

What advantages and disadvantages offered by the polymorphism, and what it is worth?

As advantages of polymorphism, the brutal attack increases further that the opponent is not thrown away. This allows the polymorphism is very useful for defeating monsters heads (remember that without combo, after 4 shots a player throws away the opponent which would allow time to regenerate which is characteristic of the bosses). It is also useful to download quickly to life Metin (but beware of the bugs come out at once that our defense is low).

The disadvantages of transformation makes comment that the defense is greatly reduced. Nor can use any skill once polymorph, or horseback riding. The fact that the opponent does not launch, that the defense down significantly from the rate of decrease by movement along the length of time it takes to get up the monster they have drawn once, makes this skill is not a good method for PVP.


How do I improve the polymorphism? BOOKS OF POLYMORPHISM

For polymorph enough to have a ball, it should increase the level of polymorphism to increase the attack and length polymorphism (which only changes in Perfect) increases. At Perfect Master, the time polymorph lasts is increased to 35 minutes.

Book: Level: Rate Of Success: Minimum Amount Needed:
Polymorph Beginner 75% 20
Adv Polymorph Master 50% 10
Master Polymorph Grand 25% 10

Types of Poly Marbles:

Name: Attack Speed: MovementSpeed: AoE:
Wild Dog


Average Low


High Average Low
Alpha Wolf High Average High Average Low
Wild Boar Low Low Low
Blue Wolf High Average high Average Low
Alpha Blue Wolf High Average High Average Low
Grey Wolf High Average High Average Low
Bear Low Low Average High
Black Bear Low Low Average High
Tiger Low Low Average Low
Weak Monkey Soldier Low Low Low
Black Wind Soldier Low Average Average High Average
Black Wind Maniac Low Average Average High Average
Savage Infantry Average Average High Average
Savage Minion High High High
Elite Orc Low Low Average
Esoteric Fanatic High Average Average High
Baby Spider High High High
Venom Spider High High High
Elite Esoteric Fanatic High Average Average High
Ghost Stump Low Low Average
Giant Worker ??? ??? ???