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i will tell you where you can find metins

lvl 5 metin: Argos/Netha/Longdon

lvl 10 metin: Argos/Netha/Longdon

lvl 15 metin: Argos/Netha/Longdon

lvl 20 metin: Argos/Netha/Longdon

lvl 25 metin: Maadi/Corinth/Ashwan

lvl 30 metin: Maadi/Corinth/Ashwan

lvl 35 metin: Maadi/Corinth/Ashwan

lvl 40 metin: Wasteland

lvl 45 metin: Nulla valley, Wasteland

lvl 50 metin: Wasteland, Demon Tower(floor 1)

lvl 55 metin: Wasteland, Tangra Mountain, Demon Tower(floor 4)

lvl 60 metin: Demon Tower(floor 4)

lvl 65 metin: Trangra Mountain, Demon Tower(floor 7)

lvl 70 metin: Valkus; Demon Tower(floor 7)

lvl 75 metin: Wild leaf forest, Sandvalley

lvl 80 metin: Wild leaf forest, Sandvalley

lvl 85 metin: Dark Wild Leaf Forest

lvl 90 metin: Dark Wild Leaf Forest

here are some images where u can find the spawn location of the metins (images made Kelodrien)

nula valley:

waste land:

trangra mountain:


wild leaf forest:

dark wild leaf forest:


and here is a video about where you can find lvl 85/90 metins1(video made by JoaoLuis)

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