ACAccessories (Bracelets, Necklaces, Earrings, Shields, Shoes)Agility Oblivion Scroll
Alchemy, making potionsAliceAlpha Grey Wolves
AnnArahan ForceAreas(Maps)
ArmorArmor VendorArmors
AssassinAssassin (Armors, Weapons & Helms)Attack Power
Attack Speed (AS)BankBanker
BerserkBestial CaptainBetrayer Balso
Black Magic ForceBlack OrcBlack Wind Archers
Black Wind Goo-PaeBlacksmithBlacksmith's Memo
Blessing MarbleBlessing ScrollsBracelets
Brutal Esoteric SummonersBuckCON
CharacterCharactersChief Orc
ClaraClassesCouple's Ring
DEXDRDark Twister
Dark Wild Leaf ForestDeath ReaperDemi-Human
Demon KingDemon TowerDeokbae
Desert OutlawsDianaDoctor Raphchel
Dragon ForceDragon God Blessing ScrollDuels
EarringsElite Demon KingEnchant Scroll
Epic Battle SwordEpic WeaponsEsoteric Leader
FMSFdn ivkdfnkfdv kdFishermen
Flame KingGarrison ChiefGhost Symbols
Giant Desert TortoiseGiantsGold
HomeHonobo DungeonHorse
Horse MedalsHorse RidingHostile Killer Points(HKP)
Hunter MortonINTIce Witch
InventoryIsaacItem Mall
Item bonus StatsItemsJoklor Dungeon
King SpiderLeflet BogeymanLin
Mage (Armors, Weapons & Helms)MapMaster Compass
MeteogonMetin2: What is it?Metin Stones
MetinsMetins (metin stones)Mini-Quests
Mirage ForceMirineMobs
Monster ListMouvement SpeedMusician Thomas
Nine TailsNulla ValleyOctavio
Old LadyP SkillsPartisan Force
PearlPeddlerPersonal Shop Packages
Plus (+)PolymorphPots
Queen SpiderQuest BooksQuest List
Quests' ListRIBRecruit Instructor
Red DragonRespawn rateSTR
SageScottShabby Pedestrian
ShieldsShoesSkill Book
Skill Book Time & SayingsSkill ChiefsSkill Damage
Skill bookSpirit StonesStable Boy
Success chanceSujin DungeonSura
Sura (Armors, Weapons & Helms)Talk PageTaurean
TeleporterThomasTiger Liver
Tome of ForgetfulnessTrade Good VendorTrade Vendor
UpgradeUpgrading materialsValcon Dungeon 1
Valcon Dungeon 2Walking MonkeyWar God Blessing Scroll
WarriorWarrior (Armors, Weapons & Helms)Watery Cavern
Weapon VendorWeaponsWikia Templates
Wild Leaf ForestXPYellow Tiger Ghost
Yellow Tiger Ghost aka Tiger GhostZ8Points

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