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Giant Worker


- Sand Wasteland

- Sand Valley


- They are very hard

- They are very strong and powerful

- They have lots of Hp and very high Hp-Regeneration

- They often do critical attack

- Very tall, at least twice the height of a sura

- They fight individually

- Most of them attack you automatically

- They drop Ghost Symbols, high lvl weapons (max 70) and high lvl armors (max 66)

Types of Giants:

- Giant Soldier - lvl 66 (High Pawn): in Sandwasteland and Sand Valley

- Giant Worker - lvl 68 (Pawn): in Sand Wasteland and Sand Valley

- Stone Thrower - lvl 69 (High Pawn): in Sand Wasteland

- Giant Inspector - lvl 70 (knight): in Sand Wasteland and Sand Valley

- Stone Shooter - lvl 72 (High Pawn): in Sand Wasteland

- Giant Scout - lvl 73 (Knight): in Sand Valley

- Giant Hundred Overseer - lvl 75 (Knight): in Sand Valley

- Giant Stone Shooter - lvl 76 (Knight): in Sand Wasteland

- Giant Old Fighter - lvl 77 (Hight Knight) Strongest of all of them: in Sand Valley

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