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Giant Desert Tortoise

Giant Desert Tortoise


- Rank: General(Commander)

- Level: 67

- Size: Large

- Effective Bonus: - Animals


- Desert Tortoise Box

- Plywood

- Gold


- Waste Land

- Sometimes in V2


- Can teleport, almost unescapable

- He has 3 types of attack: a attack like Stomp which does high damage and throws you backwards; an attack like Poison Nova which could poison the player and does very high damage; and non-critical physical attack which dosen't push you back as well.

- Very defensive

- 1-Hand Weapons don't make damage

- People who can't equip two-hands wepons use Polymorth to kill him.

- Physical attacks can hit you 2 or 3 times.

- With a group of two Desert Outlaws, 1 Snake Archer and 1 Scorpion Archer.

- Probably harder than Flame King and Nine Tails.

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