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You can upgrade lvl 65 weapons (+9) , by talking to Tyrax (In Nulla Valley), an turn them in to Epic Weapons (+0).

All Epic Weapons will have a demi-human stat on them (+2% at +0, increases with the Epic Weapon's "+").
Failing a +0 Epic Weapon will restore it to the lvl 65 state.

Counter-Attack Strategy drops from random mobs, in W.C. (Watery Cavern).
Blessing Scrolls can be bough from the Item Mall, or received from Quests.

You can also get a Blessing Scroll from a lvl 85 Metin (Liquiron) and from

lvl 90 Metins (Metegon).
The Success Rate from a lvl 65 weapon +9 to a level 80 Epic Weapon is 100%.
All the stats on the previous weapon will remain the same (even with demi-human stats).

A lvl 80 weapon +0 (attempt to make it +1) can fail with Blessing Scroll/Master Compass/Dragon God Blessing Scroll, and

it will be downgraded to a lvl 65 weapon +9, so it's recommended to upgrade them until +4

with War God Blessing Scrolls.
A Blacksmith's Memo is recommended to upgrade the Epic Weapon to +5.
It is NOT recommended at all to upgrade them by the Blacksmith (without scrolls).

The lvl 65 weapons are:

Salvation Fan (Mage)
Battle Sword (Warrior/Assassin/Sura)
Dragon Knife (Assassin)
Yellow Dragon Bow (Assassin)
Exorcism Sword (Sura)

The lvl 80 Epic Weapons are:

Epic Salvation Fan (Mage)
Epic Battle Sword (Warrior/Assassin/Sura)
Epic Dragon Knife (Assassin)
Epic Yellow Dragon Bow (Assassin)
Epic Edge Blade (Sura)

Epic Weapons have built in stats as follows:


Strong Vs Demi-Human

Attack Speed































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