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Death Reaper

Death Reaper


- Rank: Boss(King)

- Level: 78

- Size: Large

- Effective Bonus: Undead


- Death Reaper Box

- Gold

- Criminal Mark(Quest Item)

- Criminal Soul Rock (Quest Item)


- Demon Tower (9th Floor)


- He takes no damage by poisoning but it deacreases his HP-Regeneration.

- Has stun resistance

- He will always drop a Death Reaper Box after level 75+

- His box is one of the most useful boxes, it can have high lvl armors (max 66) and very high lvl weapns (max 75)

- He has about 5 types of attacks: a whirlwind like attack that makes massive damage to all of his nearby enemies, pushing them backwards; a slash attack; a Frenzy attack; a leap like attack and physical attack which push you back after 5 hits. His attacks are very often critical and can also faint.

- Very high Hp and very fast Hp-regenation

- Kill all the mobs first before killing him otherwish there might be a bug that you can't teleport back to town.

- He is the 6th hardest non-event mob in Metin2.Us after Devil's guardian, Laviathan Group Leader, Grim Reaper, Lord Ghanasal and The Watery Dragon.

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