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Argos, Longdon, Netha, Maadi, Corinth, Aswan





Quest Related


Other Functions


The banker is a portly man wearing all blue and waving a meat cleaver.

The banker allows a player to store his/her items in a specific holding area that can only be accessed by that player.

The password by default is 000000 but you may choose to use a 6 digit password to protect your items in the bank. This password should be different from the login password, for security purpose.

The banker also serves as the holding for items purchased from the item mall. These items can be retrieved via the same password.

The banker, rather than being individual to the char, remains the same for the player's account. This allows a player to access the same set of items with all of his/her characters. The bank, however, cannot store gold.

You can add 2 more pages to the banker thanks to the expanded storage, purchasable via the item mall.

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