Explaination : In the game, there are basic pots which one you can buy at Trade Vendor (blue and red pots) and other you can drop. But you also can create pots with special effects. To create these pots, 3 NPCs will help you and you will need to collect flowers. You will find flower while grinding monsters.


Doctor The doctor, you will find him in map 1 of each kingdom.
Thomas Thomas, you will find him in map2 of each kingdom.
Isaac Isaac, you will find him in map 2 of each kingdom.

Potions and materials :

Potions Level Material Effect Duration Alchemist Result
Empty Vial (10x) lv.0+ 30 movement speed 10min Trade Vendor Emptyvial
Elixir of Agility (10x) lv.16+


Peach Bloom

15 movement speed 3min Doctor Lvl16
Elixir of Strenght (10x) lv.20+



5 str 3min Doctor Lvl20
Mana Potion (100x) lv.24+



50MP instant Doctor Lvl24
Healing Potion (100x) lv.28+



50HP instant Doctor Lvl28
Basic Resist lv.32+

Fliederx1+Lvl16x1 .

Jamul + Elixir of Agility

Thomas Lvl32
Double Attack lv.36+

Fliederx1+Lvl20x1 .

Jamul + Elixir of Strenght

10% critical attack 3min Thomas Lvl36
Greater Mana Potion lv.40+


Ganoderma + Mana Potion

100MP instant Thomas Lvl40
Greater Healing Potion lv.44+


Ganaderma + Healing Potion

100HP instant Thomas Lvl44
Elixir of Attack Power lv.46+

Alpenrosex1+Lvl32x1 .

Lippia + Basic Resist

50 attack speed 3min Isaac Lvl46
Elixir of Defense lv.48+

Alpenrosex1+Lvl36x1 .

Lippia + Double Attack

70AC 3min Isaac Lvl48
Magic Resistance Potion lv.50+


Sundew + Greater Mana Potion

Increase Magic Resistance 3min Isaac Lvl50
Elixir of Attack Speed lv.52+


Sundew + Greater Healing Potion

3 attack speed 3min Isaac Lvl52
Red Liquid lv.55+


Double Attack + Empty vials

8-20% critical attack 1-10min Isaac Redpot
Pink Liquid lv.55+


Basic Resist + Empty vials

8-20% pierce attack 1-10min Isaac Pinkpot
Yellow Liquid lv.55+


Elixir of Attack Speed + Empty vials

2-8% attack speed 1-10min Isaac Yellowpot
Green Liquid lv.55+


Magic Resistance Potion + Empty vials

8-20% magic resistance 1-10min Isaac Greenpot
Blue Liquid lv.55+


Elixir of Attack Power + Empty vials

30-120 attack points 1-10min Isaac Bluepot
White Liquid lv.55+


Elixir of Defence + Empty vials

40-200 AC 1-10min Isaac Whitepot

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